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Use this form to report false-positives on our list to us. We will review each report, although please note that this process can take multiple weeks depending on our availability and report load. For mass reports, contact our team and we'll try to assist you. Thanks for understanding.

What is a False-Positive?

False-Positives in this case, are sites which we list, but which shouldn't be listed. For example, a site which has since removed all links to external repost downloads or isn't connected anymore to mod reposting is a False-Positive.

Which sites do not qualify as False-Positives?

Sites which include the following content cannot be removed from our list:
- reposted mods with unofficial downloads on the own domain
- links to external repost downloads
- missing author credit (in combination with other points)
- high amounts of ads (in combination with other points)
- cracked/illegal game launchers

Report False-Positive FormFPR-01 / API V1

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